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Journal Papers

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Journal Papers

Tobler, D.J., Maclachlan, E., and Phoenix, V.R. (2012) Microbially-mediated plugging of porous media and the impact of differing injection strategies. Ecological Engineering, 42, 270-278.

Cuthbert, M. O., Riley, M. S., Handley-Sidhu, S, Renshaw, J. C., Tobler, D. J., Phoenix, V. R. & Mackay, R. (2012).  Controls on the rate of ureolysis and the morphology of carbonate precipitated by S. Pasteurii biofilms and limits due to bacterial encapsulation.  Ecological Engineering, 41, 32-40.

Handley-Sidhu S., Renshaw J.C., Moriyama S., Stolpe B., Mennan C., Bagheriasl S.,Yong P., Stamboulis A., Paterson-Beedle M., Sasaki K., Pattrick R.A.D., Lead J.R., Macaskie, L.E. (2011b) Uptake of Sr2+ and Co2+ into Biogenic hydroxyapatite: Implications for biomineral ion exchange synthesis. Environmental Science and Technology 45, 6985-6990.

Handley-Sidhu S, Renshaw J, Yong P, Kerley R, and Macaskie LE. (2011) Nano-crystalline size hydroxyapatite bio-mineral for the treatment of strontium from aqueous solutions, Biotechnology Letters, 33 (1): 79-87.

Tobler D. J., Cuthbert M. O., Greswell R. B., Riley M. S., Renshaw J. C, Handley-Sidhu S. and Phoenix V. R. (2011) Comparison of rates of ureolysis between Sporosarcina pasteurii and an indigenous groundwater community under conditions required to precipitate large volumes of calcite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75 (11): 3290-3301.


Book Chapters

Renshaw J.C., Handley-Sidhu S, Brookshaw D (2011) Issues in Environmental Science and technology vol 32. Nuclear power and the Environment Eds R.E. Hester and R.M Harrison, RSC Cambridge.



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